Ikigai The Formula For Happy Life Is So Famous, But Why?

Ikigai — Life Formula

Good morning 🌞🌨 To start this weekend, I bring you the explanation of why the name of I K I G A I surg arose. You will surely love it, and it could help you if you are a little scattered in these times of great changes and great trials!

Ikigai is a term of Japanese origin that does not have an exact translation into Spanish, although it is attributed to a very special meaning: “Having a reason to live”. The ikigai is usually accompanied by a number of habits that allow us to enjoy more and better life. Knowing the special meaning of our life is something very deep, people, who are down they often do not have an answer to the question about what is their reason to get up every morning. Someone who knows their ikigai is more prepared to overcome the vicissitudes of life.

Beyond the professional purpose, the concept is more in line with the feeling that we live fully and in harmony, from the coherence of who we really are, while letting it mature, flourish and perfect itself over time.

According to the Japanese, we all have an ikigai to discover, and it is the commitment to their search that fills our lives with satisfaction and meaning. What is your reason for living?

If so, don’t despair. Many people, when faced with this question, do not know what to answer, but you have the possibility of looking for an answer.
Looking for your ikigai is feeling the happiness of being alive to make your dreams come true. If you stay vigilant, every day, you will find various reasons for making your existence worthwhile.

The Ikigai has always been there, although sometimes we stop committing ourselves to it, we choose to silence it or ignore it, for different reasons. It is not easy to find our purpose, taking the time to analyze it from this perspective can be of great help.

Here are some keys that can help shape your Ikigai:

  1. Ask yourself if what you do daily gives you happiness
  2. Do not compare yourself, do not aspire to the other, focus on discovering your own path.
  3. We all have some talent that sets us apart, make it yours, and use it.
  4. Ikigai is not just a purpose, it is a way of life that must be lived and felt in the present.
  5. Living according to our ikigai sometimes implies leaving various things aside, it is an act of bravery; it is leaving our comfort zone.
  6. Ikigai requires energy, vitality, commitment.

Discovering and living according to your ikigai can be something that costs you work, it implies a lot of connection, self-knowledge and the ability to break paradigms and the need to please the pre-established, it is an act of courage, but once you discover it, there will be no return back. Everything will make sense 🍃✨.

One of them will be your ikigai:
The Four Fundamental Components for you to get your Ikigai:
- Passion.
- Vocation.
- Profession.
- Mission.

What was in this book that was compatible with me, or that would allow me to try extra?

  1. Always have a goal in life. This is not just for your school, but for every stage of your life.
  2. Do what you love passionately.
  3. Regular sleep, avoid stress, harm you, and move your body. Make yoga and breathing exercises routine.
  4. Focus on one task. Don’t let the technology waste your time and distract.

It’s not about WHAT, it’s WHY! 🤦🏻‍♀️ . Girls, when we reach 16, why people insist on asking us, what are you going to be? 🤫

We need to answer a profession that pleases the ears.

• Family

• Teachers

• Best Friend.

Stay with me:

  1. What do you most love to do in your life?
  2. What else do you like to do with the people you love?
  3. How do you want to be remembered in the future?
  4. If you had a flag in your hand, what would you have written on it?
  5. What are the most enjoyable things to do?
  6. What would you do if you didn’t need to make money?

Tell us which one is yours 🤗! #ikigai




Freelance Writer and Research Analyst

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Alizeh Rangoonwala

Alizeh Rangoonwala

Freelance Writer and Research Analyst

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