Top 3 Free Blogging Websites

Top 3 Free Blogging Websites

If you love writing, you can start blogging on any niche. Blogging is one of the best online businesses you can do and enjoy also make money online through it. No matter if you are already going a job, you can manage your blogging website along with your full time job. Where you can also share your experiences or your reviews on different products or technology etc. You can earn a good amount of income through a blogging website if you have good traffic and monetization network on your website.

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Following are the best 3 sites where you can start publishing your blogs:


WordPress is one of the best Content Management System free, open source it powers 27.5 percent of the whole web. PHP and MySQL is core, it is exceptionally scalable and it is managed by a vast group of people which on a regular basis releases plug-in also updates to get a better platform. You don’t require any programming knowledge for this, all you need is to sign up and with one of the hosting providers, pick a theme which suits your website and you are ready to start your own website. I also wrote 1 more article from which you be able to start your WordPress blog website within 15 minutes.

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2. Blogger

Possibly Blogger is one of the most familiar platforms for blogging, Blogger is hosted by Google without strings attached, therefore it’s responsible plus reliable. It’s really easy to create a blogging website using Blogger since the website needs some following steps to perform creating your blogging site. There are so many customization options plus you can buy templates all the way through the external website as well.


Medium is one of the best platforms that provide a different story-telling feel and it also started paying its writers at the same time as based on how much readers like their content. Evan Williams is the Founder of (Twitter, Blogger) and Biz Stone (Twitter), this platform offers a distinct story-telling feel.

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Freelance Writer and Research Analyst

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Alizeh Rangoonwala

Alizeh Rangoonwala

Freelance Writer and Research Analyst

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