Why Rejection Is So Painful?

Why Rejection Is So Painful?

I have been in a rut for a few months now.

A few months back was facing a bad time in my life. Hard to explain.

Was in my final year looking for a job, but not able to find the suitable one. I have given many interviews related to Software Quality Assurance because of my interest. But as we all know sometimes life is so unfair after rejection I was too disappointed for a month. Then finally after one month the end of January I applied for an internship related to Social Media I have learned as much as I can. But after 2 months after completing my internship I left, because my field of interest was SQA. Wanted to start my career in SQA. I again started given interviews at different companies but unfortunately wasn’t able to find the job.

As time passes I started working as a freelancer as a Writer because am a blogger and love writing blogs on different niche. As I am managing 2 different websites. So from freelancing websites, I started earning and getting more experience in writing.

with freelancing, I was still applying for SQA related jobs, and still, I remember same companies were offering me Writer’s job because of my writing experience and freelancing with the good package so I rejected because I was already earning online as a freelance writer.

One day one of my Facebook friend as me to work for him as a writer, he asks me to come for an interview for a writer so I said okay; I went to his office he just taken small test from me and within 3 days he hired me. My job was started in the month of September. Haha but once again my bad luck, I hate people playing mind games with me. I was working as a full-time freelancer but as my friend hired me I left freelancing for 2 months, within 2 months I was depressed but ignoring things at my workplace BUT who cares?

During 2 months I got 5 good opportunities to work with companies, and some more but I rejected because I was hired by my friend who really needs me at that time, well sometimes your Boss says he will support you, or always take a stands for you, never trust on them believe me. just because of one person I was so disappointed and shared the whole situation with my friend, then guess what happens next?

They send me a termination message huh without knowing the truth. These days companies are so selfish they only need Robot to work for them without complaining. They don’t even care you’re going through, they only want their work to be done. That’s it!

Of course, this affects me mentally and physically both. Well in the month of November I again started working as a full-time freelancer. Don’t allow the big words make you fool.

As I’m a newly graduated student in Computer Science. I’m still applying in my field.

As time passes, I was going into a depression and feeling so disappointed. I just want to run away from all the situation I face. I feel like burning inside. There was a kid inside me who only know how to love others, but people around her are trying to make her self feel like this world is not for her. But still, am trying my best to keep myself motivated.

During all this time period I realize there are many students like me who are looking for a job “part-time” or “full-time” but because of their studies, they’re not able to work and earn. So I decided why not I guide students different ways of making money? so they can work online and make money by Freelancing, or Vlogging or any other way. So I started my Website named Online Earning For All where I guide students how they work and on which platform they can work and make money by working “part-time or full-time” up to them.

Rejection hurts a lot, mainly for creative. You’re truly assured to be rejected once in your life, twice, or maybe many times. Each night, I sit down at my laptop and try to work but my hearts shout and ask me what I have done wrong? I even don’t have the also, because I don’t know the reason.

I only wrote because I love to. The reason I wrote cause I just know how to express feelings artistically. I am calm and lack self-confidence also this is the only method I know to harmonize my inner voice.

Sometimes it’s simple to make personally understand that all of the certain disappointments are only the reflection on us including the amount of hard work we put, that anyhow those trials of fire are simply further warnings that all we do in the end is left with nothing to do with.

It’s similar to facing a break-up, rejected or denied by love one. The time this happen with me, my friends constantly says that “we already knew this can happen, he don’t deserves you”. and ultimately I started to believe, haha, this is all shit.

This is not the problem, though.

It observed myself a long time to get to know that most people’s feelings are not an accusation on your own self including that you absolutely do need to consider that you are deserving one in order for other people to understand it. Furthermore not because people can’t notice it previously, but because you tend to be further powerful when you are self-confident.

In reality, your fear is the only thing that stops you from moving forward, don’t allow your fear to rule you keep moving on in your life and learn from your mistakes. Don’t be a fool. Furthermore, this is simple to avoid the anxiety that derives you from a negative situation, it is beneficial to try.





Freelance Writer and Research Analyst

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Alizeh Rangoonwala

Alizeh Rangoonwala

Freelance Writer and Research Analyst

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